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10.12.2018 · 58 minutes ago, yendi said: Quick question that you probably missed, do you have a backup strategy with this or you just have 1 Gsuite account No backup strategy - its been working so well for me for over a year now, that if I wasnt posting in this thread, I would honestly have forgotten all abou. 01.09.2017 · Id like to propose an experiment to determine if SSDs as array members could be better optimized with the tools we have right now. Physical Requirements. 1. Test unraid server duh 2. 1ea. Largeish SSD for parity 3. 2ea. Identical SSDs for data drives, must. For unRAID v6.2 and later. There are 2 methods here for removing drives from an unRAID v6.2 array. Check the conditions and comments at the top of each method, to. Array starten. unRaid beginnt jetzt mit dem Rebuild auf die neue HDD. Es kann sein das das Web Interface nun 10-15 min nicht mehr reagiert bzw. sich auch nicht reloaden lässt. Das ist normal und man muss keinen Grund zur Sorge haben. Während des Rebuild Prozesses ist das Array online und kann genutzt werden. Obwohl möglich, vermeide ich.

From LimeTech themselves: Do not assign an SSD as a data/parity device. While unRAID won’t stop you from doing this, SSDs are only supported for use as cache devices due TRIM/discard and how it. Performance for the Windows VMs is important to me. I'm going to purchase some SSD's for the OS' to live on. What makes the most sense: 1 Dedicate a small SSD for each VM as unassigned drives in passthrough, and leave them out of the array entirely. There's no fault tolerance, but I back up, and it's not the end of the world if a server is. Have had unraid for few years, I run my dockers sab, sonar, unifi from a cache drive so they don’t keep my array drives spun up throughout the day. I’d like to create a Windows 10 VM for me to use and get rid of my physical machine, cos hey why not:.

Note: you can save yourself a little time by first setting array auto-start temporarily to No Disk Settings-> Enable auto start. Assign the new Cache drive; Make sure the file system for the Cache drive is set as you wish click on the Cache drive and check File system type Start the array, and let unRAID format it. Do not save it on the unRAID server, since you will need to be able to access it with the array offline. You can also copy down the information by hand, all you need are the serial number for example, WCAU45951367 and the drive slot for example, parity, or Disk7 for each drive in the array. Unraid is an operating system for personal and small business use that brings enterprise-class features letting you configure your computer systems to maximize performance and capacity using any combination of applications, VMs, storage devices, and hardware.

Solltet Ihr keinen SSD Cache nutzen, nutzt unRAID wie üblich auch den RAM als zwischen Speicher. Daten aus dem SSD Cache werden nachts oder zu einer frei einstellbaren Zeit auf das HDD Array übertragen. Alternativ kann man auch Ordner einstellen welche ausschließlich auf dem SSD Cache liegen sollen für eine bessere Leistung. Fazit. Meine Frage ruht hier nach etwas Erfahrung, insbesonderen was den Umgang für Anfänger, pro/contr. mit unRAID, und das Erweitern des arrays. Bisher wurde mir empfohlen für die SSDcaching als. Later as you add drives to the array after enabling a parity drive, each drive must have zeros written to every sector before the drive is accepted into the array. UnRAID will perform this process; however, the array will be taken offline for the entire process which can take quite awhile. 09.12.2016 · This video is a tutorial on how to replace and/or upgrade a disk in your unRAID server's array. Please, if you can, support the channel and donate go.

unRaidArray mit größerer HDD erweitern – Björn's Techblog.

Because this device is not a part of the array, the write speed is unimpeded by parity calculations. Then an unRAID process called “the mover” copies the data from the cache to the array at time and frequency of your choosing. Once the data has been successfully copied, the space on the cache drive is once again freed up to front-end other. If I set these SSDs as array disks, and later add a large mechanical HDD as a parity disk, will this cause write speed to be limited to the speed of the parity HDD? Will I be crippling the SSD performance? I realize my choice of SSD already has crippled the SSD write speed quite a bit, but I don't want it to be worse due to using slower parity. today i bought a Acer predator G9-593 256gb ssd and 1tb hdd so by mistake in Intel rapid storage technology i have raided the hard drive now 1tb hdd is not showing in the disk management kindly can someone guide me to unraid the hard drive and how can i use them as they were earlier? Das Mainboard hat 2 LAN Ports ich habe durchprobiert. leider funkt keiner von beiden mehr. an man. switch oder router kann es nicht liegen ich habe ein test System mit dem usb stick, LAN Kabel. Download the Krusader docker and move a large file from the array to the SSD cache drive inside unraid. If you get 150MB/s Hard drive read speeds then you know it's your network. If that transfer is around the same as what you're saying then something is seriously wrong with the SSD setup.

r/unRAID - Do you install your VMs in your array.

Dumb Question: Can I setup multiple arrays or separate my drives for specific functions? Testing the waters of unRAID at the moment. I need to have my my media stored on 3x 2TB HDD array and my VMs on 3x 1TB SSD array. This blog is a continuation of blog 2. We continue on with a rundown of some more popular apps, docker containers, and plugins that will help new users unlock the full potential of their new Unraid server. This blog is part 2 of 2. An SSD RAID array offers the performance and data protection advantages RAID does with spinning disk, but what levels should you use and can you mix flash and HDDs in the same RAID group?

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