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19.03.2014 · SSIS: Using a Full Result Set variable in a Data Flow Task – Learn more on the SQLServerCentral forums. 23.02.2011 · Hi, SSIS - I put a resultSet in a variable. How do I select from that resultset variable from a different Execute SQL Task. I need to do this becuase the results from a query is on a different NON. I have a simple sql query in my Execute sql task in ssis package, SELECT MAXbinindex FROM dbo.myTable. I need to store this maximum index into a variable and then pass it to Script Task and display it, I already declared a package variable, the package compiles, however it shows -1 every time, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Figure 1 – SSIS Expression Builder form. Expression Task. This feature was added in SQL Server 2012, it allows users to set a variable value at runtime without the need of a Script Task and to have any knowledge of Visual Basic or C programming languages. In this article, I will give an overview of Execute SQL Task in SSIS and I will try to illustrate some of the differences between writing an expression to evaluate SqlStatementSource property or writing this expression within a variable and change the Execute SQL Task Source Type to variable.

15.12.2017 · I know in the Result Set section I can use column indexes to save the data in the result to different variables. I am wondering, if I save the entire row to a variable of type Object, is it possible to access the different columns of that variable like an array or something? I know I can do this in a Script Task but I wanted to do it in the. I have a SSIS package that runs a Execute SQL Task to get a row count, stores that in a variable, and then using a Script Task reads that variable and checks to see if it's greater than 0. The issue I am having is that when I debug the package, it's reading the variable as -1 which I assume is just SQL saying the query executed successfully, instead of the 38,000-some rows that are in the DB. 29.07.2017 · Variables in SSIS, Use Variables in Execute SQL Task in SSIS How to declare variables How to use variables in SSIS Execute SQL Task in SSIS Part of SSIS Interview Questions MSBI Interview Questions. Save the result set in a variable so that we can use that data in other tasks. Execute SQL Task in SSIS Properties. In this article, we will show you the steps involved in configuring the Execute SQL Task in SSIS with an example. First, Drag the Execute SQL Task in SSIS.

In your Execute SQL Task, make sure SQLSourceType is set to Direct Input, then your SQL Statement is the name of the stored proc, with questionmarks for each paramter of the proc, like so: Click the parameter mapping in the left column and add each paramter from your stored proc and map it to your SSIS variable. I am trying to get CSV IDs from a table from sql server and assign the result to a variable. below is the sql I have put inside the Execute SQL Task set nocount on declare @csv varcharmax = '' s.

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